Sunday, January 13, 2019

Grade 3/Kitah Gimel 2018-2019


Shalom Gimel Families,

Gimel students have done a great job learning the Erev Shabbat Kiddush and completed it on Sunday.  They should continue to practice reading and/or singing it at home for a few minutes each day. In addition to reciting, students also practiced their reading through different Hebrew games and partner reading.  Next we will study Mi Kamocha.

In our holiday block we started talking about Tu Bishvat, the birthday of trees, with a focus on saving trees and the environment.  After listening to the story Gods World by Sylvia Rousses, students illustrated their ideal God’s World.  They are using Google Slides to make a slideshow of their illustrations.  This week students worked in pairs to research the history and celebration of Tu Bishvat.  On Sunday, January 27, we look forward to celebrating Tu Bishvat with the other classes and led by Nitzan.

In the coming weeks we will begin to study Mi Kamocha, continue doing Hebrew Through Movement during the week, complete our Tu Bishvat projects and begin to talk about Purim.

I hope everyone has a great week and fun long weekend.




Shalom Gimel Families,

Welcome back to Hebrew School!  I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing winter break.  I enjoyed time in Cape Town with my family celebrating my dad’s 80th birthday.

Students have been working on the Friday night Kiddush and have learned up to Line 13.  They are working hard to master the prayer. Next Sunday we will work on the rest of it.

On Sunday we started talking about Tu Bishvat, the birthday of trees.  Our focus is mainly on taking care of trees and the environment. Students paired up to discuss 2 proverbs relating to trees and also talked about what it means to repair the world (Tikkun Olam) and do not destroy (Baal Taschchit).  They then listened to the book Gods World by Sylvia Rousses.  The book focuses on the environment and how we are all obliged to take care of it.  During the week students will work on an illustration representing their view of what God's World looks like.

I hope everyone has a great week!




Shalom Gimel Families,

This last Shabbat the theme of our Synaplex was gratitude.  I am grateful for many things in my life and am very grateful for the opportunity to work with your wonderful children this year.  Yesterday during Tefillah with the 4th grade, students had the opportunity to express gratitude for the people and things in their lives through a game of pick up sticks.  They also learned the song “Ve al zeh, ani modeh” meaning “for this I am thankful.

In Hebrew students worked on reciting the first 10 lines of the Friday Night Kiddush.  They also did some buddy reading and Hebrew reading games to practice their reading.

In Torah students are focusing on the theme of courage through the Exodus story of the midwives in Egypt, and through role play, understand that it takes courage to stand up for what is right.

This week students will spend more time working on Friday Night Kiddush, will spend time with Nitzan, and further explore the theme of courage.  

Wishing everyone a great week and restful December break.




Shalom Gimel Families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Hannukah and enjoyed the time with loved ones.

In Hebrew students have worked on reciting the Friday Night Kiddush Lines 1-8.  They are doing a great job mastering this through whole group reading, buddy reading and Hebrew Reading Games.

During the week we enjoyed celebrating Hannukah as a school with candle lighting, singing and Hannukah song videos.  Thank you to the Men’s Club for the delicious latkes our students enjoyed on Sunday!

Electives are a lot of fun and, in addition to sharing some great insights during Hevruta study, Gimel students have enjoyed their time in either sign language, embroidery or storyboarding.  This week will be our 4th and final week of fall electives.

Wishing everyone a great week,




Shalom Gimel Families,

Happy Hannukah!  Enjoy celebrating with your loved ones!

In Hebrew students have completed Ein Keloheinu and started working on the Friday Night Kiddush on Sunday.  They got off to a good start and worked on lines 1-5. Activities included whole group reading, buddy reading and a Kiddush version of Connect 4.  Students also received their December homework calendar.

Electives have been going well and students are enjoying their time in sign language, embroidery and storyboarding.  We can’t wait to see their finished products! During Hevruta study students are sharing wonderful insights with their partners.

In our holiday block students have reviewed the Hannukah story through a Readers Theater and Hannukah story poster, and this week reviewed the blessings for lighting the Hannukah candles.  On Sunday students made their own stained glass menorahs and dreidels.

This week we look forward to the third week of electives and lighting the Hannukiyah in Hebrew School.

Wishing everyone a great week of Hannukah!




Shalom Gimel Families,

We had a fun and busy week in Hebrew School.

In Hebrew Through Movement students did a warm up activity to review the Hebrew words for stand, sit, walk, run, jump, spin, slow, fast and in place.  New words this week included girls (Banot), boys (banim) and everyone (kulam). Students also suggested and had fun with combining verbs (example spin and jump). This week we will add some nouns and prepositions to our activities.

Yesterday students reviewed En Keloheinu and added lines 7 & 8.  Review was done through whole group reading, Buddy reading and a class game of Zip Around.  For morning work students worked on a Roll and Read containing the lines of Ein Keloheinu. This week’s magic number was seven (sheva) and students enjoyed the magic number game, and used the number to review some of the Hebrew Through Movement verbs (example jump to the count of 7).

The next holiday is Hannukah, and after watching a video of the Maccabeats song, Candlelight, students brainstormed and shared ideas about Hannukah.  Journals from last week about favorite Jewish activities were shared and students understand that in America we have the freedom to enjoy these activities, such as going to Jewish summer camp, participating in USY and celebrating holidays.  During the time of the Maccabees the Jews did not have this religious freedom.

Thank you to the Temple Israel Men’s Club for visiting us to talk about Veterans Day.  Students asked many good questions.

This week we are super excited to start our electives!

Wishing everyone a great week.




Shalom Gimel Families,

Gimel students are making good progress with mastering the Ein Keloheinu prayer. They have now learned the first 6 lines. On Sunday, during stations time, students had opportunities to practice their reading with a buddy and to play Hebrew reading games containing lines from Ein Keloheinu.  At the end of morning meeting students were introduced to the game, Zip Around, to further practice reading the lines of Ein Keloheinu.

Following our trust fall game that we did last week, students used sentence starters to share their feelings with their classmates about the trust falls.  They also read the story of the midwives in Egypt showing courage by saving the Hebrew baby boys from being drowned in the Nile. During the week students will have an opportunity to role play a possible conversation between the 2 midwives, Shifra and Pua, before and after Israelite baby boys were saved.

Hannukah is around the corner and students accessed their backround knowledge about the holiday by listening and watching a video of 2 songs by the Maccabeats, Candlelight and Latke Recipe. They then worked with a partner to brainstorm ideas about Hannukah food and traditions. Students also completed a journal activity about their favorite Jewish activity. Next week they will share their idea with their classmates and we will discuss the concept of religious freedom.

Looking forward to
1. Hebrew Through Movement during the week.
  2. Conversation about the courage of the midwives in Egypt.

3. A Hannukah story readers theater and conversation about religious freedom.
    4. On Sunday, the Temple’s Men’s Club will lead Tefillot in honor of the veterans in our community.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!




Shalom Gimel Families,

Yesterday Gimel students began studying the prayer, Ein Keloheinu.  Students listened to the prayer being sung during the week and then as a whole class learned lines 1 and 2.  During stations students had opportunities to buddy read the lines learned, and played a game of reading memory/concentration containing lines from Ein Keloheinu.  During small reading group time, which was one of the 3 stations, students also learned to read and sing lines 3 & 4. Students received their November homework calendars yesterday as well.


Shalom Gimel Students!

Yasher Koach to the Gimel Class for completing their study of Barachu, Yotzer Or, and Or Hadash.  Students have done a great job mastering these prayers and are ready to move on to Ein Keloheinu next week.  Keep up the good work!

We have started our Hebrew Through Movement curriculum and students are having a blast following commands given to them in Hebrew.  Ask your son/daughter to “lalechet” (walk), “likpotz” (jump) or “larutz” (run). Some of the vocabulary learned during these weekday lessons are also being used in other aspects of the day.  Students are doing a great job internalizing the vocabulary.

Yesterday for our Jewish Values lesson, students listened to the story What Does it Mean To Be Kind, and then wrote compliments to 2 classmates.  The compliment notes were put into the students’ chesed boxes and brought home at the end of the day.  We also began our Torah curriculum Jewish Values in Exodus with activities and conversations about important values a community should have to make it work, and students did an illustration of what their ideal community should look like.  The next Jewish value to be explored is courage (gevurah). We will explore this in the context of community and through a study of the Exodus story of the midwives in Egypt who saved the Israelite babies from being drowned.

Looking forward to…
  1. Beginning our study of Ein Keloheinu.
  2. Students will receive a November homework calendar next Sunday
  3. More compliments!
  4. More Hebrew Through Movement
  5. Welcoming Nitzan back from Israel and doing fun activities with her.

Wishing everyone a great week!


Elana Berelowitz


Shalom Gimel Families,

The first month of Hebrew School has been fun and exciting!  Students have settled well into the routine of the Gimel Class.  

We are studying both prayer and modern Hebrew.  In prayer Hebrew, students have been working on Barachu, Yotzer Or and Or Hadash.  They have done a great job mastering these in a variety of ways - whole group reading, buddy reading, Hebrew games (Roll and Read seems to be the favorite!), small group reading and practice at home.  Next we will work on Ein Keloheinu.

Modern Hebrew is studied through our Sunday morning meeting, Sunday closing circle, and weekday Hebrew Through Movement curriculum.  Students enjoy both of these, particularly the movement activities. Each week in Hebrew Through Movement we review vocabulary learned with a warm up, 2-3 new terms are introduced and then we do movements that combine both the old and new terms.
In closing circle students share, in Hebrew, their favorite part of the day.

Middot/Jewish Values

Over the past month we have been focusing on the values of Derech Eretz (good manners), chesed (kindness) and Gemilut Hasadim (acts of loving kindness), and this is an ongoing theme in the Gimel Class throughout the year.  Through a variety of activities and conversations we have explored which actions are acts of kindness, how mean words can hurt, and how we can work to focus on the good in others. Students made popsicle stick pouches which are there “chesed boxes.”  Each Sunday students are given the names of 2 classmates and their task is to write a compliment to these 2 classmates. Compliments are put into the chesed boxes to be taken home at the end of the day.


Shalom Gimel Parents,

We had a GREAT opening day! It was a pleasure to see/meet the children. They started their day by looking at the welcome goody bags and reading the poem explaining all the items that were in it.

This year students will be introduced to some modern Hebrew and this is presented through our Sunday morning meeting. Each week different students will have opportunities to take attendance (and answer “ani po”), greet each other in Hebrew, learn different parts of the schedule, days of the week, Hebrew calendar, weather and seasons. They will also practice counting in Hebrew with our magic number game which involves counting around the circle in Hebrew and sitting down if they land on the magic number.

On Sunday students received their Hebrew binders containing some prayer sheets, a homework calendar and a letter explaining the prayer curriculum and homework. Students will start working on the Barachu next Sunday.

We spent some time talking about the Jewish value of Derech Eretz (good manners) in the contexts of the various communities we belong to. Students did a great job sharing some of the rules they follow in these communities. In their table groups they talked about ways in which we take care of ourselves, each other and the world around us to ensure a successful year of learning. These ideas were the basis for our class contract (Brit) which was signed by both students and teachers.

The highlight of the day was making decorations for the Temple Sukkah. Thank you to the Temple Sisterhood for making this possible. Students were very creative and had a blast hanging their projects in the Sukkah.

We are thrilled to welcome Naomi Hoffman who will be working as a madricha in our room on Sundays.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns at

Below is a copy of the welcome poem that the students received in their goody bags:

We are super excited for a fun year of learning and growing together.



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